Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home Decor

How to Make a Bed by Kyle

Kyle shows how to properly make a bed, and how to keep your sheets from getting tangled... 

Saving Money on Choosing Dishes

Choosing a great place setting for less is so simple once you have your color pallet... 

Finding a Quality Mirror

I offer some great tips on how to shop for a quality mirror. The most important thing... 

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How to Pair Wine with Food

So does white wine go with that? or should I drink a red? Well, this is a common... 

Saving money by buying in bulk

Often times younger people struggle with saving money by buying in bulk, because... 

How to Fix a Broken Disposal

WAIT!! Before you buy a new disposal, check out this video! My disposal stopped... 

Grey Goose Vodka

Word on the street is that Costco brand vodka is actually Grey Goose…Check... 

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Save the Earth, Use a Brita!

Cate & Kyle suggest ways to save the earth…and money!  Read More →

How to Tie a Four-In-Hand Tie

I demonstrate how to tie a Four-in-Hand Tie WITH a Vineyard Vines tie, of course.  Read More →

Housewarming Gift Idea!

I love to give environmentally friendly cleaning products as housewarming gifts, especially from the Method line of products.  I like to do this for two reasons, I love the design of the packaging and I think it is a great way to get people who may be hesitant to clean with “green” products a chance to try them out. Check out the video... [Read more of this review]

Finding a Quality Mirror

I offer some great tips on how to shop for a quality mirror. The most important thing to look for is beveled glass. Check out the video to learn more!  Read More →

Suitcase Shopping!

Choosing a suitcase is not as easy as I had anticipated.  There are so many options!  If you are planning on mostly carrying on your luggage, then spending good money on a suitcase is a pretty good idea.  Make your own criteria list and don’t settle until you find what you want.  I personally wanted a “spinner” (4 wheels), a garmet... [Read more of this review]

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